As a specialist dentist we  
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As dentists we see a variety of tooth problems, as a specialist prosthodontist practice we offer more suitable dental solutions. 
For many years I hated my teeth and was self conscious when smiling, laughing or even speaking. I am absolutely delighted with my new teeth and cannot believe the difference they make to my appearance. I now have greater confidence and love to smile again. I don't know why I put off going to the dentists for all those years, thanks Andrew. Cath Barclay, Nelson
Different lifestyles can have varying impacts on the appearance of your teeth. 

As a result, it could be your actual teeth have become discoloured, or that older fillings are having a detrimental effect on your teeth’s colour.

Solution: Whitening / Veneers

Gappy Smile

Varying amounts of space between the teeth make them appear too small for the mouth.

This has a significant bearing on the overall appearance of your smile.

Solution: Veneers / Crowns / Bonding

Crowded Smile 

It looks as if there is not enough space for the teeth. 

The teeth appear to be crossed over and rotated, resulting in an uneven appearance to your smile.

Solution: Veneers / Crowns

Worn Out Teeth

General wear and tear, lots of fillings, broken teeth, or grinding are all possible causes for worn teeth. 

Solution: Veneers / Crowns

Broken Teeth

Accidents happen.  

You can directly benefit from our specialist dental knowledge to help solve the problem. 

Solution: Veneers / Crowns / Implants / Bridges

Missing Teeth

There can be a number of reasons for missing teeth.

From a single tooth to a complete set, it can all have an impact on your confidence, and natural smile.

Solution: Implants / Bridges

Old Crowns

The colour mismatch in old crowns can become more obvious over time.

Black lines may appear around the gum line and the actual joins become quite apparent and easily visible.

Solution: Crowns

Loose Dentures 

A common problem that can occur over time, resulting in an inability to eat and if left result in painful ulcers.

Loose is a common term that people use to describe a multitude of possible problems.

Solution: Implants

Fear of Dentures 

A fear of dentures is a lot more common than most people believe. Whatever your attitude or state of mind towards dentures I’m happy to discuss an alternative remedy that is specifically designed for you and your lifestyle.

Solution: Implants

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